CIFS Library Source a rule there is not such great perfection in works composed of several parts, and proceeding from the hands of various artists, as in those on which one man has worked alone.
-- René Descartes

This is a small and very unfinished collection of code that I started writing as I was working on my CIFS documentation.

In the source directory you will find:

Header files
Common include files.
A set of header files common to the system as a whole. When writing code using this library, simply include the "cifs.h" file. The "cifs.h" file combines all the required headers for you.
Basic encryption tools needed for SMB Challenge/Response authentication. Included are tidy implemtations of DES, MD4, and MD5. There is also a small module that uses DES to create LM hashes and LM responses.
Modules that implement NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT).
NBT provides three important services: the Name Service, the Datagram Distribution Service, and the Session Service.
Modules that implement the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. (Currently contains only SMB:// URL parsing code.)
Simple programs that utilize the modules in the rest of the tree. These provide example code, and are used to test the library.
Dumb stuff I gotta do. (Utility modules that help the rest of the system run.)

This code is made available with the following caveats:

Have fun. Chris -)-----

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